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Driven by a love of creative solutions and an unbounded curiosity with 7+ years of project and event management experience. A passionate team player who values working with others to accomplish goals and build products that will have a meaningful impact. Focused on growing from live events into tech, bringing my strengths with me while continuing to learn and build skills through embracing new challenges.

When I'm not in front of a screen I can be found on the hunt for tacos, flipping through bins at local record stores, or exploring the city's hidden nooks by bike.

TL;DR I like to write code, solve problems, eat tacos and I'm available for work, so let's chat!


  • html5

  • css3

  • javascript

  • jquery

  • react

  • firebase

  • sass

  • git

  • responsive design

  • accessibility

  • rest apis


Ring A Bell?

A React app version of the classic flip card memory game that tracks the users number of turns and matches, and has a feature to select difficulty level.

a gif showcasing the features of the Ring A Bell website

Humble Ponderings

In a team of two we built a react based app that utilizes firebase so that users are able to create responses to randomly generated prompts, add a mood emoji, then save them to a list that populates below with the option to edit, delete, and bookmark.

a gif showing the features of the Humble Ponderings website.

Weather, Wherever

A simple yet effective solo project that utilizes the Open Weather Map API and jQuery to return results showing the weather in a city as entered by the user.

a gif showcasing the features of the Weather, Wherever website.


Shoot me a message if you're interested in networking, chatting about work opportunities, or just wanted to share your favourite spot to get tacos!

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